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There aren’t many people who go into the service industry for the money.

Coaches don’t. Teachers don’t. Nurses don’t…the list goes on.

But while we might not coach for the financial reward, we do need to pay the bills, so here’s 5 ways you can actually MAKE money with the SMARTT® Coach Certification (rather than just having another piece of paper to add to your collection and drawing comfort from the knowledge that you know what you’re talking about):

#1 – Unique services

The SMARTT® Coach Certification is the ONLY injury prevention qualification of its kind in the world.

That means that Certified SMARTT® Coaches have got skills that very few people in the world have.

And THAT means you can shout it from the rooftops that you are one of the only coaches in the world to be able to offer recognised (and endorsed) services that actively focus on injury prevention – without the hassle of foam rolling and all that jazz!

This is a HUGE benefit to you, because, well…how many potential clients do you think are plagued by nagging injury and are looking for someone EXACTLY like you to help them?

#2 – Extra classes

Being a Certified SMARTT® Coach means that you have the skills to produce top quality, stand alone movement improvement sessions that you can charge for.

Your movement improvement sessions aren’t your average blend of Yoga moves and static stretches.

Far from it!

YOUR movement improvement classes focus on the EXACT areas of the body that are most likely to be causing injury problems for your clients, in the context of the sport they do (or any other actually, but we’ll get to that in a minute).

So when YOU advertise a “Movement Improvement for Runners” session (or whoever your clients are), your clients won’t be limited to slow, gentle, mat based activity.

They could be working up a sweat by playing teams games or charging round the room like they did when they were kids – or not. The only limit is YOUR imagination.

But they will ALWAYS be improving their movement and therefore, preventin injury.

#3 – Consultancy Fees

Being a Certified SMARTT® Coach doesn’t limit you to only working with your clients.

You’ll have the skills to work with ANY clients – and THAT means more money!


By offering your unique, SMARTT® Methods approved Movement Improvement classes to other clubs and companies!

Most sports and fitness lovers know they need to do more to improve their movement but some really don’t fancy the idea of a slow, mat-based class, so all you need to do is create something fun and more active and bingo!

Because of you, clubs and companies can now offer their members TWO different options – or if they don’t yet have this kind of offering, here’s your chance to double things up!

#4 – Assessor Opportunities

By its very nature, the SMARTT® Coach Certification has an assessment component.

In order to ensure that only the very best candidates reach achieve Certified SMARTT® Coach status, I need a team of assessors to work with me.

These assessors will be hand-picked from the cream of the Certified SMARTT® Coach crop and will be paid for every assessment they complete.

This is a unique and exciting new way for Certified SMARTT® Coaches to earn some extra money without ever having to leave the house or having the hassle of finding new clients!

#5 – Official SMARTT® Club Agent

Again, by invitation, Certified SMARTT® Coaches will have a super exciting opportunity to expand their business, raise their fees and deliver a service that is more complete than anything else out there on the market today when it comes to injury prevention.

A limited few will have the chance to combine my skills with theirs and charge whatever they like for the privilege!

That’s right.

The SMARTT® Club is a membership that I’ve been building every week for over 4 years, designed to help individual sports and fitness lovers to get rid of their own injuries and improve their own movement.


But this HUGE opportunity allows Official SMARTT® Club Agents to include the SMARTT® Club membership with their own services – and be paid for it!

It’s as easy as saying to clients “Follow this video for your warm up (from the SMARTT® Club membership), do XYZ training (written by their coach) and follow this video for your cool down (from the SMARTT® Club membership)”.

The Official SMARTT® Club Agent has the SMARTT® Club membership on THEIR website, with their own unique login, exclusive to their own clients!

The clients don’t have to pay two different people, get two differing opinions, or try to figure out what content would work best for them.

So you see, becoming a Certified SMARTT® Coach isn’t just another piece of paper to add to your portfolio.

It’s a whole new world of opportunity to offer outstanding (and much needed) services, and to make a decent living while you’re at it!

But being a Certified SMARTT® Coach isn’t for everyone.

That’s why the opportunity to join the SMARTT® Coach Certification programme is only offered to those who successfully complete the quiz at the end of the “Injury Prevention Decoded” course.


Because the SMARTT® Methods are a truly alternative approach to entire fitness industry, and I want to make sure that the folks who join the SMARTT® Coach Certification programme are fully aware of what they’re getting into before we start.

Not everyone is ready for such a different approach.

So, by completing the “Injury Prevention Decoded” course first, it gives everyone the chance to dip their toes in the waters of change, without having to jump in feet first!

Get instant access to the course here – you’ll grab yourself a bargain, PLUS, you’ll have the chance to be one of the few coaches in the world with the opportunity to become a Certified SMARTT® Coach!

Do it NOW! Don’t miss out!

Let’s be SMARTT® – Let’s do this together!

Sarah x

P.S. The next SMARTT® Coach Certification programme will be opening in April 2020 (date TBC), so if you want to join us, grab the “Injury Prevention Decoded” course now!

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